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Our story

About us

Toddy has been strongly and steadily making itself known throughout Maldives as an apparel brand that is more than just that. Siblings Faya and Riya, who are originally from the very North of Maldives, are very serious about redefining and navigating what it means to have years of rich folklore running through their veins in a rapidly changing world. And their chosen medium of exploration? Fashion.

The Maldives, being a prime destination for sun, sand, and sea, surf and beachwear had become part of the staple that tourists often brought with them or sought after. After years of hand printing t-shirts just for the love of the process, these young entrepreneurs found an opportunity in the unmet demand for high-quality Maldivian designs in the market.

From humble beginnings shared with friends, with simple tools and the work of uncles to guide their passion, Toddy has its roots in a dream; the vision of a fully Maldivian-owned fashion brand that could be internationally recognized in the surf and beachwear market.

Established in 2011, Toddy has been delivering the same kind of kicks as its namesake, the naturally fermented local beverage also known as Ruku Raa. What sets this brand apart is the light-hearted humor evident in their aesthetics and careful thought they put into the story of each product.


A Maldivian Story...

Toddy (Ruku Raa) refers to the palm sap collected from the cut flower of the coconut tree, which is a timeless beverage of the people of Maldives.

Our logo, the three intertwining circles symbolize the traditional toddy collecting pot of the Maldives known as ‘Raa Bandhi’ which is crafted using two coconut shells (Naashi) and coir rope (Roanu). We adopted this identity to pay some form of homage to our rich cultural heritage and past.

Toddy takes pride in the fact that all the designs have cultural narratives woven into it. These are borrowed inspiration, paying homage to the rich culture of the olden days. The pages of Maldivian history are brimming with fantastic tales of ancient seafaring kingdoms, mythical creatures, and epic sagas recounting the adventures of brave heroes and beautiful heroines.

Many of these tales, owing to the geography of Maldives and the slow erosion of its traditions along the years, have only been passed down by word of mouth, and in many instances have more than one version. With many stories challenging the modern status quo, and playing happily on the fringes of material and spiritual realities, Maldivian myth and folklore open up an enchanting world of possibilities. 


Sustainable & Ethical

To do our part in helping preserve and sustain the natural beauty of the Maldives, from each purchase of a Toddy product we will donate 5% of its profits to Toddy Cares, our very own initiate that will power beach clean- ups, environmental awareness programs and many more.

We do this because Toddy cares.

100% Organic

Our t-shirts are 100% organic and is packaged in either cotton or recycled cardboard. This essentially means that the cotton, colour mediums and other printing materials that we use are free from harmful synthetic chemicals which are detrimental to our eco-systems.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade refers to a concept in which people engaged throughout the entire production chainfrom the farmers who pick cotton to factory workers processing the crop to even the captains manning the container ships are paid a fair wage and not succumbed to rampant exploitation. It also means that the production lines are devoid of even a hint of child labor or slave workers.